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Our Shriners Kid Dacy Freeman

Dacy Freeman Shriners Kid with Lexington Shriners Hospital Board of Governors
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This month, our 9-year-old (DFF) traveled to Lexington, Kentucky. She addressed the Shriners Hospital for Children Board of Governors.

What Our Shriners Kid Found at the Hospital

Last year, DFF began evaluation and treatment for scoliosis with specialists at the orthopedic hospital. During these visits she received care, but she discovered something more. She found a terrific support system of loving and caring professionals and philanthropists. Her doctor closely follows her acting career and always asks questions about her projects during office visits.

He and the hospital asked to share her story with others. They hope other children will find inspiration by reading how DFF balances her condition with her adventures in the entertainment industry.

Why A Shriners Kid Needs to Tell Her Story

Chuck and I though long and hard about sharing our child’s health information publicly. We spoke with our 9-year-old. She wanted to tell her story herself. She said, “You know, I am going to get better because the Shriners Hospital is going to help me. I want to tell other kids and families there is hope, so they won’t be afraid of what they are facing.”

So, that’s what she did.

Dacy’s Story

To read DFF’s story, visit the Shriners Hospital for Children – Lexington, KY website.

Invite Dacy to Speak

Dacy loves to make public appearances to speak about her experiences as a Shriners Kid. If your Masonic organization is interested in inviting her to speak, contact the Lexington Shriners Hospital or send us a note here at

Invite Shriners Kid Dacy Freeman to speak about her patient experiences and acting career

Keep in Touch with Dacy (DFF) at DFFrentFocus

As always, we welcome your comments here at Tell us about your experiences with Shriners Hospitals. We will share them with DFF and the hospital.

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