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Bling Your Bunk 18 Gifts for Sleep Away Campers
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Most summer camps provide detailed packing lists for campers to fill their trunks. But, a few extras can make your child’s time away from home more fun and comfortable. Use these ideas to send useful gifts for sleep away campers in care packages this summer.

gifts for summer sleep away campers bling your bunk basket from

This week my kids are donating this Bling Your Bunk gift basket to our church’s silent auction fundraiser. It raises money to defray summer camp tuition costs. Our basket contains items which are not on the standard packing list, but my kids think they are quite useful and add to the fun of camp.

For this challenge we did all our shopping at The Dollar Tree. The cost was around $20 including tax.

18 Gifts for Sleep Away Campers

gifts for sleep away campers battery powered fans & lights by

Bling for Your Bunk

1 & 2. (2) Sets of Battery Powered LED Light Strings

3. Twine

4. AA Batteries

5. Battery Powered Fan

6. Battery Powered LED Clip Reading Light

Decorate your bed with fun lights.  Since electricity is scarce in bunk rooms, 2 sets of battery powered LED light strings are the perfect addition. Add some twine to tie the lights to the bunk beds and an extra set of AA batteries. Tie up a cute little fan to add a breeze in bed and a reading light for some after dark reading and writing letters home.

gifts for sleep away campers throw rug beside your bunk bed by

Under Foot

7. Rag Rug

Most bunk houses have concrete floors. Adding a small throw rug beside the bed is a comfy luxury. Now, your camper has a cozy spot to place her feet while getting into and out of the bunk.

gifts for sleep away campers hair ties, a personal fan, extra sunglasses and a sleep mask by
Personal Care Items

8. Headbands

9. Sunglasses

10. Satin Sleep Mask

11. Battery Powered Personal Fan

Most girls have their favorite personal care items. But, an extra set of hair ties and sunglasses are always needed. A satin sleep mask can help make snoozing a little easier in a crowded dorm. The personal battery powered fan necklace is handy for beating the summer heat in camps without air conditioning.

gifts for sleep away campers drill holes in a picnic basket to make a small camp shower caddy by

Get Clean

12. Shower Caddy

Most shower caddies we shopped for were very large. They take up a lot of space in a camp trunk. Our solution: This small picnic caddy is perfect for carrying necessities into the shower. We borrowed Dad’s drill to make holes in the bottom for drainage.

gifts for sleep away campers glow sticks, light up paddle ball, playing cards, games and trading cards for camp by DFFrentFocus.comGames & Toys

13. Playing Cards

14. Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards

15. Dice

16. Pass Play: The Game of Left Center Right

17. Light Up Paddle Ball

18. Glow Bracelets

Cards, dice, and games are fun ways to occupy free time with friends in the bunk.

In addition to the playing cards, we found Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. (I think I was more excited about them than my kids. Ahhh, doesn’t that take you back to 1985?) – Unfortunately, I can’t locate a Dollar Tree link for these, but they are available on Amazon. Order Garbage Pail Kids Cards here.

A light up paddle ball and glow in the dark bracelets will provide fun after the sun goes down. There are 20 bracelets in the pack, so there are plenty to share with bunk mates heading out to the campfire.

We hope the winner of our Bling Your Bunk Basket enjoys these extras. What are some of your favorite gifts for sleep away campers?  Let us know and we will add them to our upcoming post on packing your summer camp trunk in a few weeks.