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Gymnastics & Ballet Themed Fairy Garden Teacher Thank You Gifts

Gymnastics & Ballet Fairy Garden from
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    It’s already May!  My kids only have a couple weeks of school before summer vacation.  Time to get to work on teacher appreciation gifts. If you ever struggle with finding the perfect thank you for your child’s teacher. Try this fairy garden DIY. It’s fun and inexpensive.

     I originally created Gynmanstics and Ballet Themed Fairy Garden teacher thank you gifts way back in 2013. They were a hit and people still write to ask for the instructions, so I figured a refresh was in order. Get your gardening gloves on.

       Now, I will preface here by saying, I don’t know much about gardening at all. So, I am deeply indebted to my friend Roselyn for sharing her expertise and plants. She did all the work.  I did the shopping and took the pictures.


     I shopped in several stores when I originally gathered these materials, but now thanks to Amazon, all the running around isn’t necessary. Just a few clicks can take care of all the shopping in a moment. I matched up all my original purchases to items of similar quality and size. The affiliate links are included in the text.

Gymnastics Fairy Garden Shopping List   

 For the gymnastics fairy garden, I snatched up a galvanized bucket, two types of floral wire (one heavy wire and one thin wire,) a bag of balloons, bamboo skewers,  twine, 2 plastic bra strap rings, and a bag of potting soil.

Ballet Fairy Garden Shopping List

To create the ballerina fairy garden, I purchased an aluminum mini loaf pan  which fits perfectly inside this musical ballerina jewelry box.  You will also need the potting soil here too.


Ballet Fairy Garden 2
How cute is this? I told you, the mini loaf pan fits in the jewelry box perfectly!

  Roselyn provided the plants from her garden.  The ones pictured are succulents, because I thought we would have better luck keeping them alive. Roselyn also added a little potting mix and fertilizer when she helped my daughter arrange the plants in our planters.  


Gymnastics Fairy Garden Uneven Bars    

 Gymnastics Fairy Garden Uneven Bars

Next, I convinced hubby to use the heavier floral wire and bamboo skewers create uneven bars and a bar for the rings.  He secured the ends with hot glue.

Gymnastics Fairy Garden Rings

Gymnastics Fairy Garden Rings
Fairies need to perfect upper body strength too!

A piece of twine and 2 plastic bra strap rings completed the rings.

Gymnastics Fairy Garden Trampoline

Gymnastics Fairy Garden Trampoline
Jumping fun on a fairy sized trampoline!

For the trampoline, we used both types of floral wire and a balloon. I used the tutorial found on these two YouTube video links.



We finished the planters by printing a thank you note and gluing it to a skewer.  

Roselyn will be happy to know, the plants stayed alive until they were delivered. They were a big hit with teachers — and the fairies too!

 When my daughter jumped on the fairy garden train five years ago, I had no idea what the fuss was about. In the years since, I have seen an explosion in all things related to them. So, I guess we must have been doing something right.  Good Luck making your own fairy gardens. Let us know how they turned out!