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5 Tips for Planning a Girl Scout Sunday Event

How to Host Girl Scout Sunday Event
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Girl Scout Sunday

The Preamble of the Constitution of Girl Scouts of the USA notes The motivating force in Girl Scouting is spiritual.” Girl Scout Sunday provides an opportunity to for the organization to thank faith-based communities for their partnership and collaboration. It is also an opportunity for Girl Scouts to learn more about their chosen faith and share in one of the oldest traditions of scouting.

The Past

Four years ago, my Daisy was the only child in the congregation wearing a uniform on Girl Scout Sunday. Huh? Hold my cookies! What happened in the 30+ years since I had been a Girl Scout? Back then little girls in uniforms filled the pews on this day.  Now, in 2015, I looked around at a congregation of hundreds…. and nothing.. insert sound of crickets chirping.

The Present

In 2016, Girl Scout Troop #1133 in the Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council began hosting an open Girl Scout Sunday event in conjunction with Hopeful Lutheran Church in Florence, Kentucky. Sunday, March 11, 2018 was the multi-level troop’s most successful kick off to Girl Scout Week in history. Each year, the event’s success grows.

Why?  Because NO ONE hosts Girl Scout Sunday anymore.

Girl Scouts Recognized by Hopeful Lutheran Congregation, 3-11-18 Photo Credit: Debbie Shen

Here are 5 Tips you can use to start your own event.

 1. Find a Church Sponsor

Hopeful Lutheran Church serves as the meeting location for Troop 1133’s multi-level troop. We set up a meeting with Pastor Blair Fields to plan our event.

Hopeful Lutheran Church is one of the oldest churches in Boone County, KY.

2. Share the Good News

1133’s troop members researched and coordinated graphic design of printed church bulletin inserts and recipe cards with the council’s marketing director. Broadcast professionals mentored the girls’ production of social media and documentary videos.

Feed the Spirit

Girl Scouts from all over Northern Kentucky attended 9AM and 11AM services at Hopeful Lutheran Church. Each service recognized all Girl Scouts – past, present and future. The 11AM service played the girls’ special video. It highlighted their year of service work and partnerships with the church. Click here to see it.

4. Feed the Body

The cookie and green punch reception following the 11AM service is an exciting and highly anticipated opportunity for the congregation to meet and mingle with its favorite girls in green. Now in its third year, the troop has learned a few things about hosting the cookie reception.

Take notes here!!!   You will want to remember this!

 Cookie Samples Are Nice, But……

2016 – First Time Out

Guests nibbled a few of our cookies, but GUZZLED our green punch.

Why? Because Girl Scout Sunday is right in the middle of cookie season. The market is too saturated to generate cookie excitement. But punch is EXCITING!

 It provides guests with a sense of nostalgia and an air of gentility. Many elderly guests approach the girls to share memories of scouting and punch socials.

We like Paula Deen’s recipe. 😊

Empty Punch Bowl 2016 Girl Scout Sunday
Photo Credit: Debbie Shen

2017 – Try a Gimmick or Two

  1. 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scout Cookie – Girls modeled uniforms from the 10 different decades of scouting while mingling with attendees.
  2. Bakery Wars – Cookies from ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers were displayed in each variety. Attendees were invited to compare packaging, do taste comparisons, and vote for their favorite recipe. Congregation members stayed through the end of the reception as excitement built to see if their cookie and bakery choices won.
Bakery Wars 2017 Girl Scout Sunday
Photo Credit: Stephanie Hopkins

2018 – Iron Clad Formula

Iron Chef Girls – A small cookie sample bar returned. But, the main attraction was the Iron Chef Table beside our punch bowl. Girls dished out samples of several desserts featuring Girl Scout Cookies as the main ingredient. Recipe cards are on the table in front of each dish.

Iron Chef Girls 2018 Girl Scout Sunday
Photo Credit: Stephanie Hopkins

You Need A Cookie Booth

Pastor Blair Fields came up with this idea. He felt the congregation would appreciate the chance to purchase cookies before leaving church.

2018 Girl Scout Sunday Cookie Booth
Photo Credit: Stephanie Hopkins

5. Get Green to Make It Happen

So, you are thinking. “That’s really nice, but it looks EXPENSIVE!” Here are a few funding options.

Set Aside Troop Funds from the Previous Year

If you have additional funds, set aside a few dollars to host an event. You can start with 3-4 boxes of cookies or just punch.

Ask a Sponsor

Our first year (2016) I donated $100 to fund the event.

Get Thee to a Thrivent Financial Representative

Thrivent Financial is an AHHHH-MAZING Fortune 500 Company. The 6-time recipient of Ethisphere Institute’s World’s Most Ethical Companies designation, Thrivent provides seed money to Christian projects through Action Teams. For information on this program contact your local Thrivent Financial representative. Click here for information on the program.

2018 Thrivent Action Team Friday Night Cooking Preparation for Girl Scout Sunday Photo Credit: Tonya Freeman

The Future

Our Girl Scout Sunday event proves more successful each year. It is an opportunity for girls to explore their faith and spirituality They also have a safe and encouraging space to showcase their accomplishments and share future goals.

These networking events have forged new partnerships with businesses and organizations. As a result, Girl Scout Sunday events have expanded the scope and focus of our troop’s service projects. That makes us thankful indeed.

Luke 6:38 English Standard Version (ESV)

38 give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”

Interested in hosting your own Girl Scout Sunday event?

Click here to download a free planning checklist.